Portrait P18Governor’s Message

It is my pleasure to serve you during the Rotary Year 2015-16 as District Governor. Our theme from our Rotary International President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran is “Be a Gift to the World.”  Over the past two years of training by Rotary
International, Zone 33 Leadership, and the insight of Past District Governors to hold this position, I have come to appreciate the dedication of the previous District Governors in their efforts in building the great Rotary District 7550. My hope is to build on the foundation that has been laid before me, so I need your help and assistance as we progress into this year.

Our objective at a district level is to make the clubs aware of the information and programs we have and offer assistance to enhance the Rotary experience for your clubs. Each club has its own culture and it is not the district’s intent to force feed you with things you have to do.  Through the District Governor, District Chairs and Assistant Governors, it is our intent to be a source of information, a gift to you so you can “Be a Gift to the World.”  We want you to access this gift and use the tools inside that the District has assembled to fit with your club’s culture and possibly get outside your comfort zone and try something new to enhance your club.

As with any organization there needs to be tangible goals.  Our District isn’t  any different, so let me outline the Primary goals we as a District would like to achieve with your help for the Rotary Year 2015-16:

  1. To increase membership to 1300 Rotarians in our District. As of our update on 15 July 2015, we are currently at 1,118 Rotarians in our District. In order for us to achieve this goal, we need to do what we can to increase our membership.  From now until June 30th of 2016, we need to gain 132 Rotarians in the next 12 months.  I know with your support, and the commitment of the District Membership Committee, we can accomplish this goal, especially if we can add one or more new clubs.
  2. Support the Rotary Foundation. We want to raise:
    1. $120,000 for Annual Giving. We can obtain the Annual Giving goals through the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) program.  This means that per capita, every Rotarian in your club participates, and on average is equal to or greater than $100 per member. In conjunction with the EREY, we would like to have 15 New Paul Harris Society Members in our District.
    2. $100,000 for Permanent Fund. Have at least one member of your club be a new Benefactor (give at least $1,000 to the Permanent Fund from your estate or in cash). The principal of these funds are never used, just the interest gained is used for Rotary.
    3. $35,000 for End Polio Now (Previously Polio Plus). Finally, the End Polio Now objective is to raise $35.00 per District member. We can achieve this through an independent club fund raising activity that is in conjunction with a Polio awareness day. We are so close to ending Polio, only three countries are left to complete our objective and we need to support that financially until the job is finished.
  3. Do one new thing in your club. There is a lot that Rotary has to offer, so do something innovative that you think will impact your community, district or the world in a positive way. I think we get complacent in our routine when we can be doing more, so please get outside your comfort zone and bring something fresh to your club and Rotary.
  4. Utilize the Presidential Citation and District Awards to set your Club Goals. The activities identified in these documents are in my opinion the best gift for a President of a club to set focus for the upcoming year. The key in utilizing these tools is to meet with your committees as soon as possible after PETS.  Analyze what you do currently that meets the criteria and what you can do to meet the criteria you currently are not participating in. We as a District are here to support you and give input if you would like us to help, either through me as your District Governor, your Assistant Governor or District Committee Chairs. Check the home page of the District 7550 Website under downloads to download the criteria for both the 2015-2016 Presidential Citation and the 2015-2016 Club Awards criteria.

As we start this journey of leadership in Rotary for the year 2015 – 2016, I want to express my gratitude for what your talents will bring to Rotary and the friendships we will forge throughout this upcoming year. Have success and more importantly: have fun doing it!


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